Good News Youth Devotional

Colossians 1:15-23 “…now, he has reconciled you…”

By Douglas Hinton (Pastor at the Hempfield Church of the Brethren (PA))

The book of Colossians is found toward the latter half of the New Testament between Philippians and Thessalonians. In six short verses, Paul lays the foundational truth of who Jesus was, what He did, and what was accomplished through His death on the cross. Paul states that Jesus was the image, or icon, of the invisible God, meaning the exact representation. He further states that by Jesus, all things were created and hold together. Jesus was the firstborn from the dead and is the head of the church. And here’s the thing: the fullness of God…His very presence, essence and life, dwelt in Christ on the cross – reconciling all things on earth and heaven back to Himself through Christ’s blood. Blood=life of a being. In order to make things right between all of creation and God, Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, gave up everything so that we can have a life of peace with God. If Immanuel, God with us, stood before you and I, would we recognize Him, follow Him, do as He did? Jesus built a bridge between God and man through His life and death. How are we being called to continue the work He begun?

Good News: Jesus bridged the gap between God and us – we need only accept His gift!

Discussion Question: What does it mean in your life for Jesus to build the bridge between God and you?

Go one step further: Who do you need to bridge the gap with? Ask God to bring someone to mind in prayer: maybe a parent, teacher, friend, or sibling. Start the conversation, seek forgiveness, follow Jesus and bridge the gap.

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