Sing along! “When Jesus said…”

(From the main blog page, you will have to click “Read more” for this lively song from the 2010 Song and Story Fest).

Concept and original song by Linda K. Williams, San Diego Church of the Brethren
New lyrics co-written with Kathy Fry-Miller, Jan and John Long, and Maren McCourt 7-8-09

Hourly IDOPP Prayers

8pm est – As you close the day, pray that the peace that started in these prayers today is only the start, laying the foundation for a peaceful world.
7pm est – Pray for continued relationship building, as the Israelis and Palestinians seek constructive dialogue toward building a lasting peace.
6pm est – Soon,VA will execute a woman for the murder of her husband. Pray that we may move beyond eye for an eye justice, toward restorative justice.
5pm est – We live in a time of growing violence toward one another with our words.Pray for peaceful rhetoric, and for us to speak with tongues of love
4pm est – In a time of oil spills, floods, and other eco- disasters, pray for all of God’s Creation,that we may be agents of healing, not destruction.
3pm est – Especially during this time of economic crisis, pray for those suffering the violence of a life lived in systematic poverty hunger

2pm est – Pray for all of those who have been impacted by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as by terrorism and the war on terrorism globally.

1pm est – In this hour, pray for those in the U.S. and around the world suffering from domestic violence and the violence of sexual exploitation.

Noon est – This hour, continue expanding the circle. Pray for peace in communities throughout the U.S. suffering from gun violence.

11am est – This hour, take some time and hold your family in prayer. Pray that they may find peace – each as individuals, and with one another.

10am est – Take the peace you find within, and begin to move it beyond you. Look around you and find someone else. Pray that they, too, may find peace.

9am est – Start this IDOPP by seeking your own peace. Begin this morning by praying for peace within. Loving your enemies begins with loving yourself.