Reflections from Camp Mount Hermon

Hi everyone! We just finished a great first week at Camp Mt. Hermon in Tonganoxie, Kansas. We participated in the Senior High week with about 25 youth. The Mt. Hermon family gave us a very warm welcome and we felt right at home. The enthusiastic staff and campers were awesome, and we were blessed to have the experience of working with them.

Our theme for the week, and for many of the camps we will visit this summer, is “Be a Hero: Live like Jesus.” We talked about how we can be Christ-like heroes in our families, schools, churches, communities, and our world.

This past week we were able to lead a variety of activities. To convey our message of peace, we led a workshop that answered the questions: “What is peace?, Why do we seek peace?, and How do week seek peace (first between ourselves and God, then with our neighbors, and finally in our world)?” We began by having campers define what peace means to them by creating a symbol in small groups, then explaining it. Their responses were insightful and thought provoking. Another activity we were asked to lead were daily discussion-based sessions called “Hot Topics.” Campers selected topics ranging from teen problems to putting God first. We led a campfire one night, led campfire songs every night, and taught the youth a dance to a compilation of songs, which they performed for counselors and staff Friday evening. A phrase from the song the youth enjoyed repeating throughout the week was “Ja-Jam,” which was accompanied by humorous choreography.

A highlight of the week for us was a communion/footwashing service, followed by a meaningful closing campfire. During the footwashing portion of the service, counselors washed campers feet in the same way Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Campers then returned the act of service by washing the counselors (and our own) feet. Around the campfire, prayers were lifted up; some silent, and some spoken. The Spirit was clearly present and moving throughout the night in a very special way! We were blessed and privileged to have been able to participate in such an experience.

As the weeks go by and we spend more time together, we continue to grow as a team. We have realized that our relationships with one another, and our calling as the YPTT of 2010, rise far above our theological and personality differences. Continuing the work of Jesus peacefully, simply, and together is too important of a task to allow differences to hinder us in reaching that goal. What a powerful lesson to take with us the rest of the summer!

After an inspiring week at Camp Mt. Hermon we want to send our utmost gratitude to the campers, counselors, and staff! Thanks Mt. Hermon for a great week!
-Cambria, Marcus, Hannah, and Tim

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