YPTT attends Ministry Summer Service orientation

This past week, we spent time together at the General Offices of the Church of the Brethren in Elgin, IL, for Ministry Summer Service Orientation!

We had a variety of sessions like: theology, Bible study, discerning God’s call into ministry, Brethren heritage, spiritual practices and leadership development. We also shared wonderful meals at the McFadden and Noffsinger homes. Together as a group of MSS interns, we sang a song for Wednesday Chapel at the offices. We, as the Youth Peace Travel Team, led a workshop on finding peace in a new environment this summer, as we go to our designated ministry locations. We also led worship for our fellow interns on Monday.

After a week of growing together as a team at Camp Blue Diamond, our week in Elgin was less team-focused. But we made meaningful friendships with five other MSS interns. These are valuable connections due to the fact that all nine of us are college students discerning a call to ministry, whether at a camp or in a local congregation. It was cool to be in a setting with other youth who are serious about growing in their faith and serving God.

Two sessions during orientation that we really grew from dealt with defining our personalities and work styles. They opened up an opportunity to see how each one of us works. They helped us understand how to best operate as a team!

Full shout out to MSS! We appreciate all the leaders that were involved with us this past week. Ministry Summer Service is a great program for college students who want to serve, grow, learn and live to impact the world for Christ Jesus!

So, now we are here: Mount Hermon! The fireflies are lighting, the Spirit is flowing, the Kansas stars are shinning, and we are fired up and ready to go!

Until next time…
-Cambria, Marcus, Tim, and Hannah


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