Wanting to learn


Jesus Christ & Joseph Campbell

Luke 4:14-30

Prayer for the day:
God, you are both loving Father and ruling King in my life. When I stand before you, I stand before my friend and my judge. I trust You at home and when I am on the road. I trust Grace will bring me home. Amen.

Question for reflection:
In the study of mythology and literature, there are two archetypal stories: the hero leaves on a journey and the stranger comes to town. In this chapter of Luke, Jesus could be read through both lenses. He is the son of Mary and Joseph, a man everyone knew, who left to fulfill God’s vision for his life. In returning to Galilee, Jesus –now recognized as a teacher, a healer, a prophet –even the Messiah, son of God – is a stranger to the people who once knew him as carpenter.

  • In your walk with God, in what ways is He familiar as a friend?
  • How do you pray to God when He feels as close as family?
  • When has God felt awesome and distant?
  • How do you pray when God’s message is challenging and uncomfortable for you?

 ~ Gimbiya Kettering, Intercultural Ministries Coordinator

Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren is offering these simple prayers and questions in connection to this year’s Lenten Devotional written by Duane Grady, pastor of Cedar Lake Church of the Brethren (Available from Brethren Press in print and E-Book formats). Join us as we look and listen for the coming of the Word through the reading of scripture, Duane’s reflections, times of prayer, and conversations on this blog.