Good News Youth Devotional

By Gabe Dodd (Pastor for Youth and Young Families at the Montezuma Church of the Brethren (Va.))

John 20:19-23 “…I am sending you.”

The disciples were not only fearful and worried about the Jewish people that were looking for them, but they were also grieving the loss of their friend and teacher, Jesus. What an intense week they just finished. It started with a joyful entry into the city, some stark lessons about obedience, and conversations about love. Last week also included meals, footwashing, prayer, tears, pain, suffering, death, forgiveness, and sorrow; the realities of the world did not vanish overnight. Jesus has been redeemed in the midst of angry mobs and chaos. The first gift Jesus brings to his disciples is a message of peace and assurance. “Do not fear in the midst of the chaos of the world. The Lord has redeemed me in the midst of this chaos. The Lord is also redeeming you in this midst of this chaos.”

Though our lives today may seem chaotic, may we not fear, for the Lord is redeeming you in the midst of it. God works in us, even when evil lurks. Be at peace, for the Lord has sent Jesus, and the Lord will send you!

Good News: It is good news to know that God has resurrected Jesus from the dead, and that God will resurrect us too!

Discussion question: Imagine what it would be like to be set free from evil, and sent by God!

Go one step further: Practice stillness and peace via simple meditation. Check out these links for 5-10 minute meditations for teens.

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