2014 NYC shirts put to good use

On January 22nd, the School we sponsor in Jos (Favored Sisters Christian Foundation) had a soccer game. They divided into teams with one teacher each.  Team Mathew (LOVE) and Team Mark (PEACE).

Elizabethtown group plays soccer

Elizabethtown group plays soccer

The idea of an organized game came after the Elizabethtown group visited the school and arranged a soccer match between the students and the visitors. Everyone had so much fun; the school leaders decided to make soccer matches an ongoing activity. Nigerians are very good improvising and using what is available so they had no trouble making the newly donated NYC 2014 shirts into uniforms. Team Mathew (Love) scored 3 goals while Team Mark (Peace) scored 1 goal.

FUN was had by all! Thank you Jeff Lennard,  Marketing and Sales Director, for donating the old NYC shirts.

FSCF school soccer team FSCF school soccer team2

One thought on “2014 NYC shirts put to good use

  1. We here in McPherson heard a talk on Nigeria last week by Paul Zigler’s uncle. He traveled with your group at the Elizabethtown Church of the Brethren to Nigeria. Helping the people there to reconstruct some of the buildings that were burned by the Boko Haram was an admirable activity and very much of use to our Nigerian brothers and sisters. Thank you for sharing your story.

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