EYN Devotions Jan 1-17, 2015

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A Daily Devotional Guide from
EYN (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria)

EYN leaders in Nigeria believe prayer is one of the most important ways to support the Nigerian people and the Church.  These daily devotions were written by EYN members and published by the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria. Reading them daily is a powerful way we can be in solidarity and connect with our brothers and sisters caught in this crisis.  EYN’s daily devotional for 2015 will be posted here a week at a time, appearing mid-week for the following week.

EYN Devotion Blog Jan 1-10 2015

EYN Devotion Blog Jan 11-17 2015

Every church has the zeal for the spiritual growth of her members. That is why there are many spiritual devotional books in circulation. EYN (Church of the Brethren in Nigeria) has seen the need for her members to have a devotional book that will build them spiritually. It is for this reason that this daily devotional guide is published. This devotional material is called “Daily Link with God.” The President encourages every EYN member to use Daily Link with God in order to build their family spiritually and mentally.

To achieve this, the 2015 Daily Link with God which is the fourth publication since the inception of the RPC is centered on “Knowing God and His full Purpose.” The Committee realized that having dealt with the subject of worship in the previous years, knowing God and His full Purpose will be the sustaining force of the Church. In the midst of persecution, the killing of members, destruction of worship places as well as business places. The activities of the enemies of the Gospel and the Church of Jesus which has displaced hundreds of thousands of EYN members, it is obvious that what will keep the church from disappearance as the blood thirsty people could want is the knowledge of God and His full purpose which will in turn propel members to complete devotion and acceptable worship of Him.

The Church devotional guide is divided into twelve months January to December with general and monthly introduction to make it unique. There are daily readings for each day with some explanations, lessons and prayers. This is made easy for the reader as we already know the need of our church members and clergy. It is our desire and prayer that anyone that reads and concentrates on this devotional book would be linked to God and grows spiritually. By so doing it will enhance the church spiritually, morally and otherwise. Worthy of note is that the Daily Link with God is not meant to be limited only for the Church of the Brethren in Nigeria (Ekklesiyar Yan’uwa a Nigeria, EYN) but for every believer in Christ Jesus. As you study God’s word daily, you will surely be blessed.

2 thoughts on “EYN Devotions Jan 1-17, 2015

  1. Yes, the March 15-21 devotion is now posted and ready. Thank you for all your efforts to pray and study with our EYN brothers and sisters and for the part of your Lenten prayers focusing on Nigeria.

  2. The daily EYN devotional has become a regular part of our congregation’s Lenten prayer vigil. I do not see the devotions for the 3rd week of March posted yet. Will there be one. I would like to get it before my secretary leaves on Friday so that we can publish it in our bulletin as we have been doing.

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