They Told Me

Ann Ziegler

Ann Ziegler, BVS unit #300

by Ann Ziegler, BVS Unit #300, San Pedro Sula, Honduras

This is the most violent city in the world, they told me.
You must be careful because they might steal from you, they told me.
These kids can be tough and frustrating, they told me.
There is so much poverty and so many gangs,
Most of these kids will end up in the streets again, they told me.
They are broken, they told me.
And I felt despair. But…
We are okay, said their smiles
We are joyful, said their laughter
We are full of life, said their high five’s
We are full of love, said their hugs
We are full of grace, said their kisses
We have hope, said their eyes
And I felt peace.

Since April is National Poetry Month, we are featuring poems by volunteers. If you are a past or present BVS volunteer, share a poem by e-mailing it to or adding it in the comments section! Find out more about Brethren Volunteer Service.

One thought on “They Told Me

  1. Thank you, Ann, for a profound poem. I love the way you use repetitive phrases, punctuated by action and personification. Your commentary is beautiful … breaking down barriers of our assumptions. Thank you for your wisdom!

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