YPTT at Camp Eder

YPTT at Camp Eder

June 16 – 27, 2013

God is everywhere, and he smiles a lot. I grew up knowing that God’s presence was all around me but I’ve never thought of it as I have this week. God is always present, and it is me that is arriving on the scene. I have felt that way this week at Camp Eder in Fairfield, PA. I understand my role as a part of Christ’s body better now and I feel that he loves me more than ever. Please enjoy my top ten reasons to return to Camp Eder.

10) To count how many toads I see. (I saw three on the first night!)

9) There is a camp dog! (Buddy, a beagle)

8) Laying under the shade tree with Jacob and campers in the ball field after a little hike up to that area or laying in the hammocks.

7) Playing beach ball beside the pool with the Junior Highers.

6) Daily practicing early morning Lectio Divina with my team members by the river.

5) Coming back from a peace walk in the orchard with Amanda and two campers, and getting drenched in Godkisses as cold
fat rain drops fall from the sky in an almost summer rain.

4) The skits that the campers performed when we asked them to enact peacemaking during our Biblical Peacemaking

3) Hearing campers explain to each other who Jesus is.

2) Painting a mural and explaining to campers that with all of their paint strokes together – they could only paint one thing on the mural. “We could make a beautiful thing” (a peace analogy).

1) Weeping by the campfire as we gave our old things to God and also gave God the permission to do new things in our lives. This reminded me why I wish to go into Outdoor Ministry.

Bonus: A camper had a birthday on Friday and the camp cook made her a cake (each table had a cake that day). What a display of love.

Making like Ghandi and peacin’ out,

One thought on “YPTT at Camp Eder

  1. Heather,

    Your piece above is beautifully written. Your writing voice speaks well for your soul as you are very reflective. You had to have been inspired when you wrote this. Thanks for sharing.

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