World Communion Sunday

“By such a supper they portray that they are members and house companions of the Lord Jesus.”  Alexander Mack, Rites and Ordinances

This weekend many Church of the Brethren communities will be taking part in World Communion Sunday, with a particular Brethren flair.  Since the early days of our movement, Brethren have taken the commandment to wash feet just as seriously as the witness of breaking bread  and drinking the cup of Christ.  In the Church of the Brethren today, nearly two thirds of our membership attends Love Feast at least once a year.

What are your memories of Love Feast?  Where will you celebrate the ordinance this weekend? What is your congregation doing for World Communion Sunday?

Brethren Press has published a thoughtful and beautifully illustrated book on Love Feast by Frank Ramirez.

“Where  can you find in the Gospel a plainer command than the words of our Savior to his disciples concerning feet washing?” Peter Nead, Theological Works

One thought on “World Communion Sunday

  1. We do not hold Love Feast on World Communion Sunday here in Miami. at least not in recent years. Because we rent our building only on Sundays, we do ours as a morning worship serrvice, and what has woprked for us is the Sunday before Thanksgiving, so we can tie it into the idea of Eucharist (“thanksgiving”). I like how we do it here, adding platters of figs, dates, grapes, and olives to the traditional beef and broth and (in our case) crusty french bread. It is always a meaningful time for us. Our Lovge Feast will be on November 21. Our other Love Feast is always held on Palm Sunday morning.

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