The Naked Anabaptist

Book cover of The Naked Anabaptist

The Naked Anabaptist by Stuart Murray is a straightforward introduction to the Anabaptist tradition. Why are so many people today intrigued by Anabaptism? What are the core convictions of the Anabaptist tradition? Who were the original Anabaptists?

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4 thoughts on “The Naked Anabaptist

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  2. Murray’s call for us to reexamine our roots and try to get back to living like the early Brethren is timely, inspiring, challenging, and absolutely necessary, especially at this point in our history. It was inspiring and hope-giving to come together with other Brethren to discuss what it means to live a costly and radical faith (like the early Brethren/the early church), which seems to be the way forward for our denomination in the emerging post-Christendom world.

  3. (excerpted from another conversation, cross-posted here)

    I agree wholeheartedly with you that we need some shaking up and reawakening, and I was glad to see so many people interested in something like that, too.

    Most of what he said were things I already agreed with, which I anticipated, and whic…h makes sense since he’s trying to distill anabaptism down to its essentials. The one piece that was helpful was the way he talked about being missional, which is a troublesome word/idea for me – maybe because of all the “evangelism” connotations and baggage it carries with it.

    I also appreciated being reminded that we’re living in the middle of a giant transition – that we’re no longer in Christendom but also not yet out of it. Having to be bilingual makes so much sense to me, even from day-to-day working in the church. One congregation (last week in Virlina) still speaks the language of Christendom without any irony, and another (in PSWD, today) is so far removed from that in both their cultural and theological context that those words and ideas just don’t get any traction. That’s been frustrating to me, and it’s helpful to think of differences and divisions in terms of congregations and people moving through huge cultural shifts at their own pace…

  4. I very much enjoyed having a newbie remind us of what we say we believe and do. Now, can we recapture some of that vision of Anabaptism? Can we leave the “established” Church of the Brethren to be brothers and sisters, following Jesus? Where is our community discernment of scripture, for example? How are we practicing peace as something more than won’t fight.”?
    Thanks for bring Stuart to remind us that sometimes the answers are new things, but old things seen and understood and acted upon in new ways!

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