Blessed Arrival


2 Samuel 6:12-19

To Ponder:   I Shall Dance as David Danced
One of my earliest memories of church in Nairobi, where I grew up, was singing everyone in the congregation singing the praise and worship song “Dance as David Danced”. It was the “youth service” which was known for a lively music group – guitars, bass, western drums, African drums. And if that weren’t enough, there were three women who regularly sat in the row in front of us who brought their own percussion instruments – tambourines, shekeres, and sistrums. They did not just shake their instruments, they shook their whole selves –from the tops of their heads to their feet. Being a shy, uncoordinated child I was completely mesmerized by their extravagantly printed and embroidered dresses, their flamboyant hand motions,Shekere and way all their hips moved in unison. I had never seen anything like it in church in America. It was too much and I wanted to look away. It was not enough and I wanted to join in. In the next decade, it would become my normal church experience but at that moment I was an outsider looking in.

The Old Testament rituals of moving the ark and the expectations of Hebrew royalty, can seem strange. I am again a foreigner watching others praise and worship in the Lord. My eyes seeing but my heart not comprehending: I’m part judgmental and part jealous – longing to join in. To let go and just be unselfconsciously joyous from head to toe.

Prayer for the day:
Oh God of Dance and Music,
Invite me to join your song. Teach me Your rhythm.
May my heart, ears, and eyes recognize the joy from every nation, every tribe, and every language as we praise the Lord. I pray that I may join in that Great Multitude.

~ Gimbiya Kettering, Intercultural Ministries Coordinator
Save the Date: May 1-3 for “All God’s People Say Amen” Intercultural  Retreat in ANE.

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