Good News Youth Devotional

By Jen Scarr (Pastor at the Trotwood Church of the Brethren (OH))

John 16:1-15 “The Spirit of truth…will guide you into all truth…”

In a world full of people crying out “Fake News!” It can be hard to discern between what is true and what is false. What information is trustworthy? What information should be scrutinized?
Jesus knew that after his death and resurrection there would be a lot of misinformation and doubt over what happened. The gospel of Matthew tells us that after the resurrection, a rumor was circulated that the disciples stole Jesus body and just told everyone he came back to life. Our four gospels have four different accounts of how it all went down. How are we supposed to know what really happened? What is true? Here in our scripture today, in the last conversation Jesus has with his disciples, Jesus promises to send a Spirit of Truth. This spirit, the Holy Spirit, would help lead them toward what was true.

Good News: The Spirit of Truth Jesus sent to the disciples is meant for you, too! When called upon, the Spirit will help guide you toward what is true.

Discussion question: When has the Spirit of Truth helped you? Or when might the Spirit of Truth come in handy in the future?

Go one step further: Journal Practice: Take a sheet of paper and finish this sentence: “Something I know to be true is….” Feel free to write as much as you wish. When you feel like you’re done with that sentence move on to this one: “I know that what I wrote earlier is true because….”

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