July Activities of WYEAHI



WYEAHI (Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement & Health Initiative) is a Nigerian non-profit run by Aishatu Margima. Her NGO funds the much needed distribution of livelihoods. This organization is incredibly efficient and very much appreciated.


WYEAHI distribution of livelihoods july


In July they distributed fifteen (15) complete sewing machines units and thirty (30) bean cake making kits which include a frying pan, tray, turning spoon, 50kg bag of beans and 30 litres of cooking oil.


In addition to giving out livelihoods, workshops are held for the participants to help ensure success  of their small businesses. The goals of the workshop include:

  • To teach the participants the skills necessary for the operation and maintenance of the sewing machines and bean cake making
  • To enlighten them on the importance of keeping their body and environment clean
  • To empower them with knowledge of record keeping
  • To encourage them to form groups and have a spirit of team work
WYEAHI training july2

Recipients at the training workshop

Testimonies from the recipients

“This kind of distribution is different from other distribution that I have witnessed; there is no bias in the distribution, both Christians and Muslims have benefited.

Ibrahim really appreciated the effort of Church of the Brethren and WYEAHI saying, “Thank you for spreading the gospel in this manner; you are one in a million”.

Another beneficiary said, “Shame to boko haram for taking my wife’s sewing machine. I never thought such an opportunity could come my way, but with God all things are possible. To God alone be the glory for what He has done for me and my family through Church of the Brethren and WYEAHI.”

Bean Cake Business in Operation

Bean Cake Business in Operation

Using their gifts

Using the sewing machine



One thought on “July Activities of WYEAHI

  1. WYEAHI is honoring God in their services to those in the North impacted by Boko Haram’s terror. I will be praying for Aishatu.
    Question: Does WYEAHI have a DUNS number??

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