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Psalm 126

To ponder:
As we prepare to celebrate the birth of Jesus, our hearts are heavy with the suffering of our sisters and brothers around the world, especially with what is happening in Nigeria. In the midst of our questioning “Where is God in all of this?” the psalmist reminds us to recall the miracles God has worked for God’s people. This Advent season, we are to hold on to the promise of Immanuel—God with us—as we pray for God to bless God’s people again so that our tears may turn into shouts of celebration, joy, and laughter.

Prayer for the day:
Companioning God, we remember the great things you have done for us and ask that you continue to bless your people. Deliver our sisters and brothers from pain, suffering, danger, and death. Fill their hearts and souls with your love and peace that they might know your presence and protection. Lord, hear our prayer. Amen.

~ Kim Ebersole, Director of Family Life and Older Adult Ministries

Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren is offering these simple prayers and questions in connection to this year’s Advent Devotional written by Sandy Bosserman, a former district executive and ordained minister in the Church of the Brethren. (Available from Brethren Press in print and E-Book formats). Join us as we look and listen for the coming of the Word through the reading of scripture, Sandy’s reflections, times of prayer, and conversations on this blog.

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