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Lent 2013 Cover

For ten years now Brethren Press has published a devotional for the seasons of Advent and Lent. Each of the devotionals have been written by a member of the Church of the Brethren and offer a true gift to the church as it journeys to the holy days of Christmas and Easter.

This year the Lenten devotional, The Practice of Paying Attention, has been written by Dana Cassell, Minister of Youth Formation at the Manassas Church of the Brethren. In the introduction Cassell remarks that “for us, Lent is an opportunity to practice paying attention to God’s very real presence in the world around us. It is an invitation to keep our eyes and our hearts open as we walk with

Jesus through his last weeks on earth. God is calling us: Wake up! Pay attention. You never know what you might be missing.”

In order to practice paying attention, Congregational Life Ministries is inviting the church expand the conversation. Rather than treating our devotions as a practice for our individual times of prayer, the hope is that those reading the devotional can reflect on the meaning of Lent and Easter together across the miles.

So, pick up your copy of The Practice of Paying Attention ( and pray and reflect with the sisters and brothers of the church. The devotional is a available in print and electronic formats. Bookmark the blog in your web browser and check out the prayers and questions prepared each day by the staff of Congregational Life Ministries. Even more to the point, share your comments and reflections in the comment box for each day’s posting.

See you on the blog!

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