Youth Peace Travel Team goes to National Young Adult Conference 2012!

Molly’s reflections: The past week has been filled with the excitement of meeting new friends and reconnecting with old ones at National Young Adult Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee. I knew even before arriving that I would attend worship sessions, workshops, and small group meetings. What I hadn’t expected was being so inspired by other young adults getting involved and making a difference within the denomination. From BVS to Open Table Cooperative and being delegates at Annual Conference, young adults are moving mountains. As we leave conference I am given a new hope for the future of the denomination and how I might be part of it.

Katie’s reflections: Even though we’ve only been to one camp so far, this week was an interesting and enjoyable change of pace as we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to be participants at National Young Adult Conference. The daily Bible studies and evening worships were all great, but one worship that has been in my mind since it happened involved feetwashing.

We were told the logistics of the service—you could come up to have your feet washed as you felt comfortable and would the stay at the station to wash the next person’s feet. The group was then left in a moment of silence and contemplation… and I panicked… just a little. The act of footwashing isn’t unfamiliar to me, but I’ve always done it in communities that I was comfortable with, like my church or school, but this was different. I was going to be having my feet washed by a someone I most likely didn’t know, and then I was going to have to wash the feet of still another stranger; that’s a TOTALLY different level of humility, and it made me uncomfortable.

Then, I realized, as I was having my feet washed by my new friend Dylan, that that’s the thing with feetwashing: it should never be “comfortable.” It should be a unique experience each and every time, and we should always strive to take something new from it.

Hunter’s reflections: On the orange and white campus of the University of Tennessee, young adults flocked for a week of rest and fun! I was able to meet so many people and gain so many new friends. I learned so many different things from different worship styles to cool organizations.

NYAC was a great week, but it wouldn’t have if we didn’t have Carol Fike doing all the stuff she did! So a HUGE thanks goes out to her!

One thought on “Youth Peace Travel Team goes to National Young Adult Conference 2012!

  1. Hello!

    My husband (Herb Smith) and I were wondering what the schedule is for the Youth Peace Travel Team in Pennsylvania this summer. We saw you’ll be at Annville Church of the Brethren this Sunday, and usually that’s where we attend when we are in Pa. However, this weekend (i.e., tomorrow morning) Herb is speaking at Mt. Gretna Chautauqua south of Lebanon so we won’t be at Annville. What other churches are you visiting in this area? If possible, we’d love to touch base and see you. It will be neat to see Marc and Sarah, especially, since they are/were our students at McPherson College.

    Please answer as soon as possible. If you get back to both of us (emails below), the chances that we’ll see it in time will be greater. Thank you so much for all you are doing for the youth in our church!

    Jeanne and Herb Smith
    26 Mt. Lebanon Dr.
    Lebanon, PA 17046
    717-273-9503 (summer phone)
    email: – Jeanne
    email: (2 h’s) – Herb

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