Ode to Camp Bethel

Camp Bethel, Camp Bethel, what a sacred space
You welcomed us in like one great big embrace

With campers many, a new challenge came
We had to split in half, step up our game

The joy, the laughter, the smiles with all
We learned many new songs and had a ball

The counselors, you amazed us all, for real for real
Your dedication to campers, your overflowing zeal

We loved meeting you, summer staff, memories hilarious and grand
Interacting with such inspiring peers, to you we clap our hand…s

From Rest Period Song, silly skits, great worships too
we are so grateful to share in such greatness with you

And campers, you impressed us something wonderful
Your talents, leadership, with joy your hearts were full

For me personally, as this summer we roam
I cherish the love found at Camp Bethel, my home.

Tyler Goss

One thought on “Ode to Camp Bethel

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