Reflections on Annual Conference

Last week we attended Annual Conference in Pittsburgh and it was great!

From Camp Peaceful Pines up in the mountains to the city life was a definite change of scenery. Seeing familiar faces from all over the denomination was wonderful

Throughout the week we had various responsibilities as a team. These responsibilities included: various agency meals, a session with the Junior and Senior High youth, helping with an insight session, and performing a scripture drama on stage during worship.

One day, the team split up and attended two luncheons. Hannah and Tim spoke at the Outdoor Ministry Association luncheon, while Marcus and Cambria spoke at the Intercultural luncheon. Marcus and Tim were a part of a singing group who entertained the guests at the Global Ministries dinner. We performed a short “Commercial for Peace” at the Congregational Life Ministries dinner. We also attended the Women’s Clergy and On Earth Peace breakfasts.

We also led a large group activity with the Junior and Senior High youth who attended conference. We sang songs and played a game that focused on the need to come together despite differences. Participants stood in a line and held hands. When facts that were true about themselves (i.e. calling it ‘soda’ rather than ‘pop’), they took a step forward. As they stepped farther and farther apart, due to these differences, the act of holding hands got harder and harder to the point where they almost broke. We enjoyed this time with the youth and felt it was very successful.

We got to help out YPTT alum John-Michael Pickens lead an On Earth Peace insight session about peace retreats. We facilitated two example games that could be used at peace retreats. We learned an important lesson about the need to be creative when doing peace work.

For Monday night’s worship, we shared our theatrical talents and acted out the story of Zaccheaus. Tim played the title role of Zaccheaus while Marcus portrayed Jesus. Hannah and Cambria starred as the wonderful two-person crowd, and Bekah Houff did a lovely job narrating the tale. It was a thrill to be on stage in front of so many people.

Cambria and Hannah had the special opportunity, along with other Ministry Summer Service women interns, to share in conversation with young women from the Brethren Revival Fellowship. It was full of learning and relationship building. We are very thankful for the chance to talk and grow.

We have made it to Camp Pine Lake in Iowa, we are fresh off of our three day mid summer break, and are relaxed and ready to go!

Peace on Earth!

-Cambria, Tim, Hannah, and Marcus

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