National Junior High Conference

Piece by Piece: Finding Our Place within God’s Story

Traveling as a team always brings fun challenges into the mix when it comes to luggage.  Hands down, our greatest challenge to date came on our journey to National Junior High Conference.  Piece by piece we packed, unpacked, and repacked an oh-so-snug trunk until all latches were squeezed shut and we made our way to Elizabethtown.

As a team we dove into National Junior High Conference ready to share pieces of our own leadership.  Whether it was workshop leading, writing skits, creating art for worship, rapping on stage, performing drama or even calling in Brethren Boy, we were excited to offer all we could in a few action-packed days.  More than our own offerings, we enjoyed talking about Jesus’ call to peacemaking with Church of the Brethren young people.  The passion held for peace is inspiring not simply for us, but for the growing community of people building a better world.

We left National Junior High Conference energized for the hope we bring to one another knowing we each hold an integral place in God’s story.   Just as we piece together our luggage week by week, so too must we seek and pursue our own peace in the world.
– Kay