The Youth Peace Travel Team visits Kansas

What a week it was at Camp Mount Hermon. There are so many things to let ya’ll know about this amazing camp from the fantastic campfires to the wonderful games, and not to mention the awesome teens and counselors. God sure has made His presence known throughout that camp!

Although I want to tell you all the stories from this week of camp, one of my favorites is about pool time. Every day, we drove to the public pool in Tonganoxie, where it was packed. We made a big circle where we talked and hung out, and we came up with a sort of cheer. We would be really loud and yell “WE’RE IN A POOL IN KANSAS!” while we were shaking our arms rapidly in the air! If you haven’t tried this, you should; it’s very freeing!

Camp Mount Hermon was a wonderful start to what I feel is going to be a God-filled and fun-filled summer! Blessings till next time!


Youth Peace Travel Team 2012 orientation

2012 YPTT

2012 Youth Peace Travel Team


Upon our arrival to Camp Mack for Youth Peace Travel Team orientation, we each chose one of these words as a short self-descriptor and as a way to get to know one another. These words became formative in helping us to better know ourselves, what concepts of peace we stand for, and how we can combine them into how we act and carry out our lives.

As we spent our time in close community over the three days, we have truly become a team who is able to support one another in our growth in these aspects, and we are truly excited to spread peace as our summer journey begins! Peace!