Meet the 2011 Youth Peace Travel Team!

On Monday, we entered the lodge at Camp Inspiration Hills near Burbank, Ohio that would be our home for a week and it smelled like Pine-Sol. By Friday morning of our orientation, it didn’t smell like Pine-Sol anymore because we made it our home. We lived, ate, worked, slept, and prayed there. It become our base camp for deeply exploring the gospel of peace proclaimed by our Savior. We sank into couches while mentors poured the Good News into our eager souls. We soaked it all in with the fascination of children. The fortunate thing here is that we are children. We are children of God. Something akin to child-like energy spreads from person to person like a spark kindling fires of inspiration. Our piney lodge is where this “summer of sparks” starts. And, it must never end, for our job is to continuously pursue the Kingdom of God on earth by spreading the fragrance of Jesus wherever we journey.

Peace be with you, from the 2011 Youth Peace Travel Team: Kay Guyer, Tyler Goss, Sarah Neher, and Mark Dowdy! Spread it!