Dr. Paul Petcher remembers Nigeria

Do Your Best and Trust the Lord for the Rest

By Carl Hill – Co-Director of Nigeria Crisis Response

Recently, I had the opportunity to talk with a man who has some real experience working with the people of Nigeria. Dr. Paul Petcher called me from Millry, Alabama. He worked in Nigeria on two separate occasions. From 1951-53 he served as medical missionary in Garkida and then in 1957-61 he was the doctor associated with the Brethren hospital in Lassa.

According to the good doctor, he delivered over 200 babies a year and performed more than 2000 major operations during his seven+ years in Nigeria. Dr Paul is now 94 and his wife, Pat, is 93 and both live in rural Alabama. Dr. Paul is also blind.

Dr. Paul’s memory of his time in Nigeria is very sharp. He recalls the many Nigerians he helped in one way or another. He remembers, especially, the people of Lassa as part of his family. When he thinks about some of his fondest memories of the people of Nigeria, it is usually about someone who was facing a near impossible medical condition. Miraculously, says Dr. Paul, I just did the best I could with the limited medical equipment available and I trusted the Lord for the rest. More often than not God did His part. Dr. Paul Petcher remembers his time in Nigeria as some of the best days of his life. He is praying for peace for his beloved people as well as contributing to the Nigeria Crisis Fund. What an amazing man!