Tough going at Kulp Bible College

When asked for a brief report on the start of Kulp Bible College (KBC) last week, Dr. Rebecca Dali wrote the following:

Final year Bachelors of Arts class

Final year Bachelors of Arts class

Greetings in Jesus name. I hope you are well. I went to KBC and taught from 7am to 4pm daily because I taught extra lessons to cover for next weeks lessons.

Generally the report so far

  1. Most of the old (returning) students  BA 2,3 &4 and DCRS 2&3 were in class and most of them are very attentive to learning. New Student are few only 2 in DCRS 1 and 5 in BA 1.
  2. 30% of the teaching staff did not resume their teaching assignment although I saw some came on Friday.
  3. Security: Students and staff are carry on with their normal work, some are harvesting their groundnuts, maize etc. but most of them are not sleeping at night they are being like watchmen in the nights. It resulted to many students sleeping in the class. Boko Haram still attack villages near Lassa, Chibok areas and also Madagali, Wagga areas and many students in those areas are looking sad and not free as other students.
  4. Economically it is very hard for them to pay school fees and feed themselves including paying medical bills. CCEPI with partners is providing food 10,000 worth of 25kg of Rice and Maize. 4 mudus of Groundnuts and Beans, 2litres of Groundnut oil and salt per household. We gave Vouchers and the beneficiaries will go to Rescue authorized  and trained  vendors to claim the food. We registered these households since July and started  to get the foodstuffs since August, 2015. Therefore some student who did not register are not getting them. And from all indication they will receive the last one next week.  Hunger will emerge and extreme poverty has already set in. When I went more than 20 students ask me money as small as 20Naira to buy salt which was not usual.
  5. Many of their children are out of school, I went around the compound during school time and many are staying at home. Some said their parents could not buy uniforms and pay school fees. I went to EYN Women Fellowship Primary school and the Headmistress said the students are not paying tuition fees.
Teaching "Work of a Pastor's wife"

Teaching “Work of a Pastor’s wife”

Generally, the situation has worsened because of Boko Haram and life is not easy. Even those who graduated they are still in the compound. Some of them have no home to go to and no pastoral work. This is what I briefly observed in my 7 days in Kulp.

thank you.