Good News Youth Devotional

By Jacob Crouse (Music Coordinator at the Washington City Church of the Brethren (D.C.))

Luke 24:1-12 “…he saw and went away wondering about what happened.”

Whenever I hear something that’s sort of beyond my scope of vision, my first thought usually isn’t wonder. Information flows towards us at a wonderfully high rate and not all of it is reliable. It can be desensitizing. It’s not hard to relate to the Eleven’s initial reaction when they heard the news of Christ’s disappearance. They were skeptical that the resurrection had happened. What’s harder and more important for us to relate to the way Peter reacted to the news that the tomb was empty. He heard unbelievable news that, if true, could change everything! He rushed to do his own research and confirm what had happened. When he saw the tomb, his perspective changed from doubting to wonder. As we celebrate Easter in an age of knowing, we should take this passage to heart and gain inspiration from Peter. Following Jesus means to be full of wonder and search for the truth.

Good News: We are called to an active people, full of wonder.

Discussion question: What news have you heard and brushed off lately as just another crazy thing going on?

Go one step further: Next week is Earth Week. In honor of that, research about current issues with the climate. What are some ways human beings affect the environment both positively and negatively? What are some things people are doing to help resolve climate issues, both big and small? Try adding one of the solutions you find to you and household’s routine! If you don’t know where to start, check out for information and ideas.