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Crossover Service

Crossover Service

A Crossover Service                By Debra A. Ziegler


A Crossover Service

A celebration for crossing over to a new year.

From 2015 to 2016

A gathering of people

One Church, many tribes, many languages

Singing, praise, drums, electric guitar, keyboard, shakers, harmonica

Yukelelie, rhythm and song.

Dancing and music are a part of the service

Dancing and music are a part of the service

A testimony-of the faithful prayer of an aunt, who for 17 years prayed.

Her prayers answered, a relationship begun.

A child now knows who his father is.  Praise to God who is faithful.

Humble thanks for the prayers of God’s children, and for His visions that guide us.

A sermon from Joshua 3

Challenging us to cross over into 2016 on the Lord’s side, to sanctify ourselves,

To leave our sinful trouble behind,

To stand firm in the testimony of the Lord.

This EYN church has many tribes

This EYN church has many tribes

A time of serious prayers in many languages.

Prayers …

For the Chibok community; the girls that were kidnapped and are still missing.  May they know God’s presence and their families be comforted.

For the EYN church – for unity and growth, for good relations with neighbors.

For Boko Haram- to turn from their violent ways and turn to the light.

For church leadership

For marriage and families

For following Christ with a renewed commitment

For safety in travel

And so we began our prayers in 2015 and prayed into 2016

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