Violence and Suffering Become a Way Life

This was a good article (link below) highlighting what it is like to live long term under chaos and violence. Sadly, life goes on and people adapt to a new normal. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters in Nigeria. 

Market scene in Nigeria

Market scene in Nigeria

QUOTE from the article (see link below):

“Just a few weeks ago a suicide bomber with alleged affiliations to Boko Haram struck at a newly opened mosque in Jimeta, a suburb of the city, as hundreds of worshippers gathered to pray there for the first time. More than 100 people were wounded and 42 were killed.

The attack came not long after a double bombing in the city’s main market, killing traders and commuters alike. “It only took two days for the market to reopen,” says local Asauten Anderibom. “Everyone has to feed their families so they went back to trading right at the same spot Boko Haram struck.”

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