For this reason

2015 COVER

John 12:20-33

The Gospel lesson for today is a bold declaration that the power of God’s love is changing everyone and everything for the better. If the change that God is bringing about in this world is important, what are you doing in order to align yourself toward God’s peace, justice, freedom, and compassion?

O merciful God, we confess that we love our lives as they are. Only you, O Lord, can give us true life. Teach us to let go of our agendas and assumptions, our self-righteousness and false perceptions of power. Give us courage to embrace you fully, Loving God. Amen.

~ Stan Dueck, Director, Transforming Practices

Congregational Life Ministries of the Church of the Brethren is offering these simple prayers and questions in connection to this year’s Lent Devotional written by Craig H. Smith, district executive for the Atlantic Northeast District of the Church of the Brethren and ordained minister. (Available from Brethren Press in print and E-Book formats). Join us as we look and listen for the coming of the Word through the reading of scripture, Craig’s reflections, times of prayer, and conversations on this blog.

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