Photo by Deanna Beckner

Photo by Deanna Beckner

A reflection by Cherise Glunz.

I have always loved Christmas time. With the beautiful decorations, the music on the radio, and the thousands of twinkling lights that illuminate a plain neighborhood, I am filled with an abundance of joy in this season.

This time of year also brings occasions to gather around a table with family and friends that we may not have seen since last Christmas. I cherish this time of year because my family from all across the U.S. gathers to simply be together and fellowship over a warm slice of pie and a card game, by a warm fireplace. Even writing this brings a smile to my face as I reflect on these traditions.

But one of the best things about Christmas time, here near the General Offices, is the beautiful snow.

The snow always comes at the perfect time. Near the end of autumn here in northern Illinois, the ground becomes muddy and brown. The trees that once decorated the streets with vibrant colored leaves now stand bare and seemingly lifeless.

And then it happens–flakes of cold, white snow fall from the gloomy sky. Before we know it, all of the dead looking scenery is draped with a sparkling blanket. What once seemed dull and lifeless now shimmers with life and beauty. The snow is so simple, yet so beautiful.

I have come to realize that the newness of snow represents the story of Christmas as well as any decoration or song. It is simple, just like Christ coming to earth as a baby was simple. So many believed that God’s redemption would come in a fancy package, however, that was not God’s plan. God chose to bring redemption to the world through a baby born in a manger. This means of redemption may seem plain, but it was, and still is, one of the most beautiful representations of love. Just as snow blankets the dead ground and later waters the ground for the new life of spring, salvation through Jesus covers our muddiest sins and makes us beautiful and new again.

This Christmas, I pray that we may be able to step aside from the commercial hustle and bustle to remember the reason that we celebrate. Through Jesus coming into this world, we are made new again. That is truly cause for celebration!

Cherise Glunz serves as program assistant to Donor Relations for the Church of the Brethren. Support Core Ministries of the Church of the Brethren today at .

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