Top Brethren things to do on a snow day

snowy day from a window6. Watch a video recording of a webinar or event you missed. It’s free! What could be more Brethren than that?

5. Sew on buttons. Sure, your winter coat still works with one button and a belt (speaking from personal experience), but maybe you will be warmer being able to close all those holes.

4. Plan your garden. Order seeds or plants after you make a few decisions. Will you clear a new spot? Rotate what grows where? Create raised beds? Put in a rain barrel or drip hose? (How did simple living get so complicated?!)

3. Lay out a small four square court with masking tape on a countertop. If you can’t find a little rubber bouncy ball, try making a ball. You had to be saving those rubber bands from the newspaper—and the broccoli—for something!

2. Make snow ice cream:  canned milk, vanilla and sugar mixed with a bowl of the cleanest snow you can find. Yes, we Brethren believe in a land flowing with milk and honey… it’s just that the milk and honey have to be below the freezing point.

1. Shovel for a neighbor… or a stranger… or even your dog. You know, whatever you do for the least of these, you do for Jesus!

What would you add to this list?

–Jan Fischer Bachman

6 thoughts on “Top Brethren things to do on a snow day

  1. LOVE that you included our traditional family treat of snow-ice-cream! Thought it hilarious a few weeks ago to see an actual RECIPE posted online for it!

  2. Make Valentine cookies from scratch to give to someone you love, tomorrow being Valentine’s Day!

  3. 11. You know all those great fruits and veggies you canned/froze last summer? Have your own pot luck of local foods! 🙂 (if your electricity is out refer to #2 and just make multiple snow ice cream flavors)

  4. 10. Have your own personal hymn sing… or better yet, invite neighbors over for hot chocolate and singing.

  5. Hmmm… I’d add…

    7: Read a good book (The Good Book would be a good choice!)

    8: Mediate on God’s incredible world

    9. Play string with a cat. 🙂

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