By Allison Snyder

Allison Snyder

Allison Snyder, BVS unit #304

Hope should reach down into a person
and sing the desires of their heart.
It should inspire poets and painters
to strive for artwork where their pens tread.
Hope should inspire nations
to abandon nationalism and self-interest
for a better world for all.
Hope is not crazy or idealist
it is the yearning in our hearts
that tells us that magic and wonder are possible
that we are possible.
When we hope
we let others know that we exist
and believe so much even when it seems futile.
We hope, the daydreamers and wishers
that we might find a slice of Eden
hidden within our days.

Since April is National Poetry Month, we are featuring poems by volunteers. If you are a past or present BVS volunteer, share a poem by e-mailing it to bvs@brethren.org or adding it in the comments section!

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