YPTT 2013 at Camp Mack!


Camp Mack was such an accommodating and hospitable place to begin our summer’s travel. The camp focuses on reconnecting with various parts of nature from it’s lakefront activities, to rock walls and ropes courses, to a labyrinth, archery range, and trails all-the-while keeping up with modern commodities. We’re all trying vegetarianism, so we loved the cooks who provided a vegetarian option to all the meals! Mack had four camps of different age groups here at the same time throughout the week and it was lovely meeting everyone, participating in activities together, and experiencing God in a beautiful place. During some of the Morning News times (a Mack tradition), Curt Rowland enthusiastically presented a “Top 10 Reasons Why _____ Should Come Back to Camp Mack” list for the camp that would leave later that day so here is our “Top 10 Reasons Why the Youth Peace Travel Team Should Come Back to Camp Mack”

10. Experience yurt life.


9. Re-join the Straw Hat Band at opening campfire.

8. Get splashed in the face at Water Carnival.

7. See a swan and a great blue heron fly over the lake

6. Play toilet tag

5. Row to rock island

4. Play in the Arky Parky

3. Get egg and hot sauce smeared in your beard

2. Dance to “Be Our Guest” dressed as giant silverware, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Belle, and the Beast.

1. Seek God in all things new with amazing campers, counselors, and staff!




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