4 thoughts on ““Another way of living” on 9/11?

  1. The Carlisle First Church of the Brethren delivered a peace lily to the local mosque on their day of worship, Friday, Sept 10, saying that we are praying for peace between our two faith. This action was sponsored by the Witness Commission as one way of celebrating the Day of Prayer for Peace.

  2. We are participating in “Cry Out America” a national event to unite Christians to gather at their county courthouses and pray for revival in America at Noon on 9/11.

  3. The local Muslim congregation uses our Fellowship Hall each Friday for their services until they can build their own place of worship. We try to get their congregation and ours together for fellowship periodically. In early October, we are having a meal together.

  4. Is there a peaceful way to object to the proposed Muslim Center being built so close to Ground Zero? We should have left the ruins there, maybe then it would not be possible from them to build or if they could it would show more clearly the mockery it presents. Yes, we need to object to do nothing is apathy.

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