Tractor Update

By Dave Reist

Dave Reist hands off tractor to Gurku Leadership

Both Gurku and Kwarhi have received their tractors.  Pam and I were at Gurku from Wednesday noon through Friday noon which gave me an opportunity to get some of the bugs out of the tractor and the implements.  They actually had me out on the “back 40” with the disc plow, which was quite an experience!  There were many items that a US dealer would have done that were not done such tighten bolts, install drawbar, adjust hood, etc.  I also discovered that the trailing wheel on the disc plow had been installed backward and the actual discs on the disc harrow were installed end-for-end.  Both mistakes made by the dealer.  (During the purchasing process, Abu the dealership owner said, “Dave you know so much more about this equipment than we do”).

Unloading the tractor

There was great excitement at Gurku when the tractors arrived Tuesday and according to Markus great excitement at Kwarhi too!!  One of the men (I think Ibrahim the school headmaster and trauma healing teacher) at Gurku commented “Our children will remember this day (arrival of tractors) for the rest of their lives.”

Yesterday I left the Gurku equipment in the hands of the Agric Chairman, a very competent IDP resident appointed by Markus.  I also created a logbook in which to enter service/maintenance records, jobs accomplished by the equipment, billing, etc.  Carol Smith printed a Massey Ferguson Care booklet for the Chairman.  Abu did not have an Owner’s Manual to give us but he will supply one.

Dave Reist and the tractor are the main attraction of the day

It is, of course, our intent that after a hopefully short incubation period, the tractors will be completely self-sustaining.  Asta, a BEST member, who has a farm near Gurku has asked me about rental of equipment policy.  There seems to be a strong need for this equipment and many ways for it to create value which will then create revenue.  Markus has stressed the importance of accountability to his “team” and I believe this project has a great chance of success.

Today or tomorrow an experienced tractor driver is coming to Gurku (and will be a resident there) to do the actual operation of the tractor.  Pam and I plan to go to Kwarhi with Markus sometime in the next two weeks to present the equipment to EYN and to conduct the initiation process.

Tractor arrives at Kwarhi

We are hearing and sensing much gratitude for this project and so we convey that sincere gratitude to you and the many others who have made this possible!

Livelihoods Empower Many

Praise God for the release of 21 Chibok girls. We continue to lift them up in prayer with the many challenges they will now face. Our disaster work continues on many fronts. Here is a report on some of our livelihood projects.

Livelihoods are Empowering!

         Livelihoods are Empowering!

Two of our Non-Government Organizations are providing Livelihoods to those effected by the Insurgency. This is an incredible gift that gives people a way to help themselves. Businesses that have been provided include:  bean-cake making, grinding machines, peanut processing, sewing machines, knitting machines, computers, soap making, providing seeds and fertilizer as well as goats and chickens.

These Livelihood gifts are such a blessing to those who receive them. 1000 people apply for the 200 businesses that are available. The NGO’s provide training on using the gifts as well as teaching them how to run a business successfully. Then they follow up with the recipients to monitor their success.

One of our NGO’s focused on seeds and fertilizer during the growing season. The other NGO has built centers for the training and graduates 2-4 classes a year. Here are some testimonies and pictures:

Maise Farm

Maize Farm

“Where will I start from, you can testify for yourself how the farm materials helped my farming activities, my farm became the talk of the town especially my maize farm; it has never been like this before.  I am very much grateful to you and to the people that gave you money to help us, may God Almighty continue to bless all of you. Thank you”.

Recipients of Rice seeds and fertilizer.

Recipients of Rice seeds and fertilizer.

“Sincerely speaking, if not because of the farm inputs especially fertilizer, my farm will not produce enough food that can sustain my family throughout the year. I can say that God send you to salvage us from Hunger. Thank you very Much and God bless.’’



Students learning to sew

Students learning to sew

SEWING & KNITTING at the Yola Livelihood Center 

The Livelihood Center taught the students on how to cut and sew wrappers and skirts. Different styles were shown to them including what is called pencil skirts. After making sure that the students understood it, pieces of material were given to them to practice  using the sewing machine.

Knitting training at the Livelihood Center

Knitting training at the Livelihood Center

The knitting students have learned how to knit babies caps, socks and sweaters.  They can now make cardigans for sale and some of them are already in the business

July Activities of WYEAHI



WYEAHI (Women and Youth Empowerment for Advancement & Health Initiative) is a Nigerian non-profit run by Aishatu Margima. Her NGO funds the much needed distribution of livelihoods. This organization is incredibly efficient and very much appreciated.


WYEAHI distribution of livelihoods july


In July they distributed fifteen (15) complete sewing machines units and thirty (30) bean cake making kits which include a frying pan, tray, turning spoon, 50kg bag of beans and 30 litres of cooking oil.


In addition to giving out livelihoods, workshops are held for the participants to help ensure success  of their small businesses. The goals of the workshop include:

  • To teach the participants the skills necessary for the operation and maintenance of the sewing machines and bean cake making
  • To enlighten them on the importance of keeping their body and environment clean
  • To empower them with knowledge of record keeping
  • To encourage them to form groups and have a spirit of team work
WYEAHI training july2

Recipients at the training workshop

Testimonies from the recipients

“This kind of distribution is different from other distribution that I have witnessed; there is no bias in the distribution, both Christians and Muslims have benefited.

Ibrahim really appreciated the effort of Church of the Brethren and WYEAHI saying, “Thank you for spreading the gospel in this manner; you are one in a million”.

Another beneficiary said, “Shame to boko haram for taking my wife’s sewing machine. I never thought such an opportunity could come my way, but with God all things are possible. To God alone be the glory for what He has done for me and my family through Church of the Brethren and WYEAHI.”

Bean Cake Business in Operation

Bean Cake Business in Operation

Using their gifts

Using the sewing machine



Testimonies from Nigeria

Testimonies – Thank yous from our Nigerian Brothers & Sisters

Abel - Medical Officer for Nigeria Disaster Team

Abel – Medical Officer for Nigeria Disaster Team

Medical Relief testimony

The medical team brought medical care and supplies to Madagali. An elderly Muslim woman named Fadi was sick and could not leave her home when the violence erupted. Upon receiving medical attention, she exclaimed, “I have seen the wickedness of these people, how they mercilessly killed the innocent. Look at me, I have been abandoned here to die of hunger and starvation but thanks to the Christians who treated me and gave me back my life. I am no longer a Muslim, I want to be a Christian, I am a Christian!”

Medical Team with supplies

Medical Team with supplies

Livelihood Gifts through WYEAHI

Livelihood Gifts through WYEAHI

Livelihood Testimonies

Village head of Lassa,

Picture courtesy of WYEAHI

Picture courtesy of WYEAHI

“These livelihood gifts have made the people self employed without stress or hardship of looking for money. I don’t know how to express my gratitude and I pray with utmost faith that God will continue to bless Church of the Brethren and Women Youth Empowerment for Advancement and Health Initiatives (WYEAHI) for their concern toward IDP’s and the less privileged.”

A young Muslim women who received a processing machine,

Picture1“Shame to Boko Haram, this gift has helped in paying my monthly rent and feeding my six fatherless children. Many thanks and blessings to Church of the Brethren and WYEAHI who God has used to provide us with a means of livelihood. “

Another family has been able to move back home and the gift of livelihood is enabling her to renovate her burnt house and she feels her life has been stabilized. She calls her new processing machine, “Savior Materials.”