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  1. You’ve given us another wonderful story about Wanda Jackson. Thank you so much. As for the cheapo, it seems he didn’t enjoy the show once he had to pay for it. The cheap and bitter are their own punishment; they’re punished by their warped perspective and the lives they lead.

  2. for "This is the reason why I train children in the use of Firearms and reloading from four years upward. They love it." – August 13, 2012 7:57 PM YES! SURE! because nothing makes me feel safer than a four year old with a loaded weapon…

  3. highly fascinating upload…When this friend plus i don’t possibly possess the knowledge When this particular spouse plus i appeared in this particular writing, although Once i undeniable indisputable incontrovertible proven fact that write-up ended upward being great. When i rea…

  4. “Es ist sehr wichtig, dass Du sie nicht alle auf einmal isst. Warte mindestens sieben Minuten, bis Du einen weiteren Keks isst, sonst bekommst du Bauchschmerzen.”Nach wieviele Minuten hast du frühestens alle Kekse gegessen? Antwort kommt später Viel spaß beim raten.

  5. Danke für diese umfangreich recherchierte News.Das liest man besonders derzeit gerne.Denn das neue iPhone scharrt ja auch schon in unseren Breitengraden in den Startlöchern.;)Wäre cool, wenn mehr Leute in den Kommentaren eigene Erfahrungen mit Import (egal ob aus Italien oder wo anders) posten könnten.Greets

  6. Me encantan todos estos artículos que están apareciendo de la “División DKG”.El PLAGIO que se intenta realizar sobre los conocimientos y la sabiduria ancestral deja mucho que desear pero resultan interesantes.Ahora bien ¿Para cuando dicen que es el cambio?.Para cuando bajen los “marcianos”, para el 2012, para el “rayo sincronizador”, para el NWO, o para……..Con vds. por siempre.———————————-Mientras tanto, la “bolita” sigue a lo suyo.

  7. Hi there, Great program. Are there any modifications for people with injuries? I’ve developed plantar fascitis in my feet from trying too hard too fast-I did Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and on day 9, both feet were swollen and painful. Just wanted to know if this program is safe for someone like me with injuries.

  8. Fantastic news Katharina! This is so exciting and I just love your first stamp! so looking forward to seeing the rest! I wish you the very best of luck with your new venture, I am sure it will be a complete success and you so deserve it for all your hard work!Debx

  9. I have got 1 recommendation for your webpage. It looks like right now there are a couple of cascading stylesheet issues while opening a number of web pages within google chrome and safari. It is working alright in internet explorer. Perhaps you can double check this.

  10. I’m looking to get some work experience this summer as next year is my final year in University. I was thinking with a solicitors office..How should I go about doing this? Is it best to send a well written letter , and if so what kind?

  11. Hello,I am trying to use this example for developing a RSS reader. When I change the URL for the rss feed, I am getting the following error:Value too large for the buffer.How can I resolve this? I changed the data type from VARCHAR2 to LONG.Thanks

  12. No digo que sean malas o buenas estas tortas, de hecho, ni la conozco.Mas bien quisiera saber quien emite las calificaciones y sobre que criterios lo hacen.Esto para evaluar su credibilidad y usarlos como referencia para este lugar y los demas que evaluan.De antemano gracias.

  13. Very well said!!! I totally agree with you. We have to suffer so addicts can be ” saved”. They still get their drugs in the street or rob pharmacies to get them. It also has been proven that chronic pain that is not treated or undertreated causes permanent changes in the brain, including brain shrinkage! But that’s ok as long as we save a delinquent from getting high knowing the risks they take by doing so. I am sorry to hear about your struggles Andy and hope that we can all pull together and get the laws changed. And legalize God’s plants!

  14. Just got the latest issue of MC, and in glancing thru it, was reminded that the ad side of things have had input for quite some time. On page 90, the ‘MC Tested’ has a ‘review’ of a Firstgear jacket, written by none other than Marty Estes, listed on the masthead as publisher – on the advertising side of the masthead, not the edit side. Not the first time i’ve seen him write stuff either.

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