Women’s Ministry holds workshop and skill trainings for young women

A one day workshop was held at the EYN Headquarters. It was planned for 50-100 women but 329 ended up attending. The topics for the day were 1. Singleness is not a sin  2. Protect your virginity  3. Modesty – Proper ways to dress. The day also included HIV/AIDS education along with spiritual counseling.

Several Muslim girls also attended the workshop. One of these girls was in tears as she told the Women’s Director, Suzan Mark, that both her parents had been killed by Muslims and she wanted to associated with Christians. God has been using the Boko Haram Insurgency to convert Muslims to Christianity. Praise God for this witness and pray for those who convert.

EYN Women’s Ministry also organized skills training workshops in three different areas across the North-east with 186 attending. It was interesting that five boys asked to join the training stating that they too needed encouragement and assistance to make it in life. They were accommodated at the skills training and were such fast learners that they were able to help others in mastering some of the skills. Everyone at the skills training were encouraged to not stay idle but to try some small business that can generate a little income. Leaders of the training gave personal testimonies of how learning a skill gave them a reason for living and added value to their lives.

2018 OCHA report stated that 30% of households in the Northeast now have women heading the homes and have great difficulty in providing for their families. It also reported that 6 out of 10 women have experienced some sort of gender-based violence. Please continue to pray for the women in North-east Nigeria. Keep up the great work, EYN Women’s Ministry!

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